Monday, April 11, 2011

Soap Fungicide

Organic Chemicals Kill Fungi and Bacteria on food plants and ornamentals. Fungicidal soap is one of the simple fungicide that has many benefits to us. One of the biggest benefits is that it works on both wet and dry leaf surfaces.

On further protect of using soap fungicide this can use as fungi or bacteria of getting a foothold. It is odorless, and like neem oil it is not toxic to humans or mammals. Fungicidal soap comes in liquid concentrate, and as it decomposes, forms soluble copper and fatty acid, which are both necessary to the growth of plants and soil microorganisms, so you help both plant and soil.

What the benefit on using this soap fungicide.
On fruit plant it can control of many problems like:

  • Anthracnose on apples and pears
  • Bacterial cancer
  • Leaf and fruit spots on stone fruits
  • Downy and powdery mildew

The similar benefit of this soap fungicide when use on vegetables also will give those benefit.

The best practice on using this soap fungicide when the season begins, spray of this soap fungicide until the harvesting time. So this fungicide more better for preventive action either than cure action.

When you try for the first time on using fungicide or other chemicals that want to treat to your plants, don’t forget to test first. Spray a few leaves before treating the entire plant to make sure no damage is done to the foliage.

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